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in the Netherlands!

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    The unique service of CoffeeBundles: for a low price per cup of coffee a top appliance at home, maintenance of it and Premium FairChain beans on the doormat before you run out of stock.

    • The Small User: 47 cents per cup of coffee
      • from on average 2.5 cups per day
    • The coffee lover: 37 cents per cup of coffee
      • from on average 4 cups per day
    • The heavy user: 26 cent per kop koffie
      • vanaf gemiddeld 10 koppen per dag
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    Free & fast delivery, easy self installation

    With your order, you can indicate when you want to have the Siemens coffee machine with welcome package delivered. If you order the subscription before 3PM, it will be – if requested – delivered the next day (also Saturdays). With an evening delivery, we will add a delivery contribution of €5,-.

    Start enjoying and indicate your favourite coffee taste(s) via the Bundles App. If you don’t have a preference, we’ll keep sending you a standard mix. We will also (flexibly) transfer you to another subscription scheme if that appears to be more economical with your usage.

    Since we can imagine it’s quite a step, we offer a – minimum and maximum – two months trial period. If you don’t like the service, the machine will be picked up again and the deposit reimbursed.

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    Low price per cup of coffee

    Because we read the usage via the SmartPlug and the Bridge, we can always send you coffee beans in time and invoice your usage of the past month. This does not interfere with your WiFi network, so you will not suffer from interruptions or slower internet. You receive the beans in small bags in a box which fits exactly your mailbox, while they also stay fresh!

    You can take over the appliance any time for the day value. That gives you the benefit of our reseller purchase price. We do take into account a relatively long depreciation period of 7 years, which has to do with our circular business model.

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    Enjoy the best service

    Maintenance and repair? That’s all included. You should not worry about anything: the service provides (replenishment of) maintenance products. Does your machine not function properly anymore, it will be exchanged with a brand-new appliance the next day. We help you to discover your favourite taste and you receive tips about the best coffee settings!

    Coffee-as-a-Service on the Bundles way:

    1. Circular subscription model
    2. FairChain coffee roasted & packed in the country of origin
    3. Cooperation with social working place Baanbrekers
    What our clients are saying


We believe in our service and not in long term contracts. That’s why you can cancel your subscription every month.
With our coffee subscription service, you pay for an excellent cup of coffee. Does the appliance not function properly, we will come and get it the next day and replace it with an (always) brand-new machine.
As a client you don’t have to pay extra for this, also no deductible excess. The defect appliance will be repaired, fully refurbished and put into service again at a new user.
If you cancel within 5 years, we will charge a ‘removal contribution’ of €50 for picking up and refurbishing the appliance, which we will settle with the deposit (€50,-).
This removal contribution will not be charged if you decide within (at minimum and at maximum) two months that you will not extend the trial period, or if you decide to take over the appliance.
In those cases we will of course also reimburse the paid deposit.