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High quality appliances, energy efficiency labels (A+++)


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How it works

  1. Choose the subscription that fits you best
  2. Plan your free delivery
  3. Pay monthly for usage only
  4. Enjoy service. Any repairs? We fix it!

Our license to operate

In The Netherlands alone, we throw away more than one million washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers annually. Let’s stop the throw away society!

Our Miele appliances use relatively little energy, water and detergent and last two times as long as the average appliances. That makes a difference.

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washing machine rental

Best service and quality

Are you looking for the beste service? We arrange everything. From delivery and installation to repairs and maintenance. The subscriptions include automatic delivery of detergent or dishwashing tablets.

We offer the highest quality Miele washing machines. The result? Beautiful clean clothes and the most comfortable washing experience.

washing machine rental