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Wouter Buijze // Co-founder Bundles

These are questions people ask me often

When is my appliance going to be delivered?

You get a phone call within 3 workdays to make a delivery appointment. Your appliance is installed for free within 5 workdays.

Do you take my old device with you?

Yes, we do that for free! Our installers connect your new appliance to the water supply and the drain. We also take your old device with us.

What does the subscription include?

The subscription includes the installation and use of the Miele appliance. For maintenance, repairs and use of the WasBundles WebApp there are NO extra charges. Detergents, water, energy and movements of the appliance are NOT included in the subscription.

How flexible is my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription every month. We do charge a 'moving fee' (€125) though, because we don't want to let our longtermcustomers pay for the moves of short stay subscribers. You can also hand over the subscription to a new tenant or housemate.

The Bundles Concept
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Quality appliances!
The best washing results with a Miele.
Combine Subscriptions
Multiple subscriptions? You get a rebate of 1 euro per appliance per month
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Choose for ‘no-hassle’ and worries about repairs.
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